Cleaning Guide

Our Guidelines To The Deeply Clean Marine Cleaning System

Deeply Clean Marine has developed the only comprehensive, end to end , soft fabric, non-abrasive surface cleaning system for every aspect of your on board maintenance needs.

We have depth in our Eco Credential throughout the business from our manufacturing processes through to the development of our Patented MACROfibre face fabric which is manufactured entirely from recycled materials (plastic bottles to be precise) in the UK. MACROfibre deep cleans all hard and textured surfaces by cleaning mechanically, that is to say by gentle movement of the fabric over the target surface with a mist of water or similar, the fabric agitates tiny particles of dirt and retains it in the body of the fabric until rinsed away. MACROfibre is non absorbent and therefore a finishing process with any one of our Ultragleam products should follow to dry and polish.

All our products clean and polish to consistently high standards using water alone, therefore reducing any harmful chemical ingress into our precious marine ecosystems. Our products can be used with decongestants and commercial cleaning fluids if required without damage to the face fabric.

Deeply Clean Marine Ultra Microfibre products are manufactured to our own exacting specifications following many years of technical innovation and product development. Our cleaning fabrics are manufactured exclusively with high performance fibres designed specifically to match the demanding expectations of our customers in a marine environment.

Our recommended cleaning processes require the use of one or other or a combination of our cleaning fabrics for the best results on all target surfaces.

By following the recommended DCM comprehensive cleaning system, you will consistently:

  • Improve cleaning performance
  • Increase your cleaning productivity output
  • Ascertain a quality and consistency of professional finish throughout the vessel.

We have developed a complete range of cleaning systems for all areas of the vessel that if followed correctly will optimise your cleaning process.

Whilst not recommended the majority of the fabrics can be used for cross purposes without damage however the specific results would not be as expected having used the correct process.

The DCM Process

Our cleaning systems combine the use of the following technical fabrics for a luxurious high performance finish:

  • Patented Macrofibre, Deep non-abrasive cleaning on all hard and textured surfaces including Decking, Granite , Stone, Marble, Tiles Steel, GRP and engineered wooden floors*– fabrics and tools. Currently offered in two qualities, Deep Cleaning and moderate polishing and Light clean and High Polish. See instructions for use.
  • MACROfibre AM – Antimicrobial quality of the above for the highest possible level of cleanliness.
  • Dry wipe Ultramicrofibre delicate surface dusting – Cloths and Mitts
  • Dry delicate surface polishing – suede Cloths/Ultragleam Detailing Cloths
  • Wet and Dry (Damp) Ultramicrofibre surface cleaning – Cloths and Mitts
  • Dry Glass Polishing – Ultragleam cloths and mitts
  • Metal and Brightwork Polishing – Ultragleam cloths and mitts
  • Ultra Absorbent surface water and liquid wipe down – cloths and mitts
  • Sheepskin polishing PadsMerino Wool Polishing Pads.

Care for your MACROfibre and UltraMicrofibre Fabrics & Cloths

All fabrics, cloths mitts and mop heads should be washed at 30-40 degrees with a mild detergent only, strictly NO fabric conditioners to be used. Spin dry only and wherever possible wind dry although a cool tumble is appropriate. We always recommend your product is rinsed out with clean water after use.

Care for your Merino Wool Products and Specialist Mitts

All wool and specialist mitts etc should be washed on a wool or delicates cycle in your automatic washing machine with an appropriate detergent. No conditioners required as this impairs the performance of the fabric. Alternatively a warm hand wash will suffice. Spin and drip dry only or a delicate/cool tumble will be fine. We always recommend your product is rinsed out with clean water after use.

Our Product Guarantee and Commitment to You

All our fabric products have a 250 wash cycle no quibble guarantee. Simply return the product to us with a traceable source and we will replace like for like to anywhere on the planet.
Deeply Clean high performance cleaning fabrics and systems are good for your budget, your cleaning performance and kind on the planet

Hints and Tips

  • Always use clean products for cleaning
  • Always dust or blow of dirt and debris from target surfaces prior to detailing
  • Do not use a circular motion for cleaning and polishing, work in an up and down or side to side motion, preferably following the grain or nap of the target surface
  • A light mist spray of clean water works wonders on all manmade and natural surfaces during the cleaning process
  • Natural decongestants and polishes always provide the best finishes
  • Always use separate sets of cleaning products for different areas of the vessel
    For best results on textured surfaces always use a combination of MACROfibre and Ultra Microfibre products for a streak free deep clean finish.


Notes of Caution

Always familiarise yourself with all the various types of surfaces on the boat prior to commencing cleaning processes, not every surface can be cleaned in the same way.

Wherever possible research and understand the original manufacturers cleaning/maintainance guidelines.
Maintainance and repair work is expensive always exercise caution when dealing with a cleaning problem, don’t escalate a problem into a crisis.

In the likely event of unusual or bespoke surfaces in need of cleaning, ensure that you are familiar with the manufacturers cleaning recommendations which should appear in the vessel product manual or maintenance documents.

Exercise caution on damaged surfaces as over enthusiastic rubbing etc can cause further damage.
When in doubt –ASK first ACTION LATER, your fellow crew members and the owner would always appreciate a measured approach to problem solving preventing further damage.